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AGDI's program on Sustainable Business takes its genesis from the ongoing paradigm shift from curative and remedial solutions to preventive and management solutions, encompassing pollution prevention, LCA/material flows, industrial symbiosis, consumer education and related issues.

Sustaining the developmental gains achieved by most African countries has been a major challenge of the 21 st century. Accessing adequate financial resources to maintain country's overheads and staff salaries is also an ongoing challenge.

This is where the partnerships of most developmental organizations like ours is most needed like yesterday.

Adequate human resources to carry out the vision of most African countries are the starting points for achieving the national and continental developmental goals.
To sustain every aspect of the stride made by countries across the continent, concerted efforts must be made in ensuring that genuine and meaningful investors are encouraged to bring in their expertise and their professional contributions to make the continent reach to the height that has always merely dreamt about.

The contributions of our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora cannot achieve a long lasting result. Effort of governments across the continent is needed to foster a good developmental-oriented relationship that will bring to bear the desired long term result.

The objective of this AGDI program on Sustainable Development is to function as a repository of key online information on the theme - since considerable information already exists on the web. It also helps in contextualizing all other programs of AGDI, which eventually, directly or indirectly, leads to sustainability.

The concept of sustainable development means sustainability in three areas - the environment, the economy and the community. If development is sustainable, it empowers the people of the community, maintains or improves the economy, and treats the environment responsibly.